Welcome to my “Now” page! ‘What is a “Now” page?’ you ask? Here’s how nownownow.com describes it:

[…] a website with a link that says “now” goes to a page that tells you what this person is focused on at this point in their life. For short, we call it a “now page”.

So basically yeah, this is what I’m currently up to and what I’m using to do it. If the timestamp below says it’s been a while since this page was last updated, maybe give me a poke or something?

This page was last updated on 10 June 2024.


Currently using the following:


I’m currently Working as a Lead Developer at Scriptic, leading the team creating content creation interfaces using React.


Pocket CHIP Menu

I’ve been working on writing a menu app for the Pocket CHIP using PyGame. There has been some work to revive the Pocket CHIP and get it running an up-to-date mainline Debian linux.

Carbs calculator

This is a simple PWA that I wrote using Vue.js. It let’s me pick a food from a list, enter the portion size, and then it gives me the total carbohydrates in the food.

Airquotes The Podcast Airquotes

Since 2021 I’ve been editing the episodes for this short-form podcast that is recorded during each Remote Hack. You can find all episodes on Spotify.

We’re going to space

This was my entry for the 2017 Samsung VR Together Hackathon. It’s a simple-ish Three.js WebVR scene that should work across most devices.

UX of VR

I created this list of VR UX resources back in 2016 and have been keeping it alive ever since.


Dingoonity is still going! It has been 13 years since it launched. My involvement is mostly janitorial these days. If you ever see a 500 error page when visiting the site, it was my fault.

[Social media]


I post on social.omgmog.net and syndicate to the indieweb.social Mastodon instance. @[email protected].



I’m on Discord occasionally. I’ve joined a handful of niche technology communities on there, but I don’t participate much.