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22: Putting it all together

We’re starting the final (full) week of Cardboctober now, so I thought I’d do a week-long project to pull together some of the ideas from Cardboctober.

I’m going to be making a Tetromino game in VR. Each day this week I’ll cover an aspect of building the game, and then hopefully at the end of the week we’ll have a full game to play.

I’ve built Tetromino games before in some capacity – I spent some time a couple of months ago building one using Python. Here are some great resources for working out how the game works:

I’m going to be using the following libraries that we’ve utilised throughout Cardboctober so far:

  • Three.js for all of the 3D stuff
  • StereoEffect.js and DeviceOrientationControls.js for VR
  • VReticle for reticle control
  • Howler.js for audio

If you want to catch up so that you can follow along this week, check out the following posts:

I’ll be using my core.js library as with the rest of my hacks this month to simplify some of the work, so it’s probably worth familiarising yourself with the utilities in there.


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A photo of Max Glenister

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