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31: Something in the Shadows

Today is the last day of Cardboctober! And less surprisingly, it’s also Halloween 🎃 - For today’s hack I’ve made something spooky. If you don’t like spiders, you should look away now.

The spider is simply made of some SphereGeometry and CylinderGeometry meshes, that have been scaled/rotated:

To make the fog effect, I’m using Three’s THREE.Fog():

scene.fog = new THREE.Fog(0x111111, 0.015, 110);

And then I’ve got some simple animations to wiggle the legs/abdomen of the spider, and make him walk around the camera at a fixed radius.


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A photo of Max Glenister

Max Glenister is a Front-end Developer based in Oxfordshire. For work he spends his time designing, validating and implementing user interfaces. For fun he tinkers with Virtual Reality, 3D printing, embedded systems, game development and many other things.

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