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Announcing Cardboctober

Throughout October Ben and I are working on a project called Cardboctober. The challenge is hacking on something new every day using Google Cardboard.

This will most likely involve a lot of JavaScript and Three.js, but it could even include “offline” hacks such as modifications to Google Cardboard.

I’ve got a huge list of ideas – well, I’ve got enough ideas to cover the first 10 or so days of October, but after that the quality is probably going to go down hill.

I’ll try to blog in a short-medium form here for each of my hacks.

Check out the Cardboctober website each day to see the latest thing that has been made.


Check out my other Cardoctober posts here: /cardboctober

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A photo of Max Glenister

Max Glenister is a Front-end Developer based in Oxfordshire. For work he spends his time designing, validating and implementing user interfaces. For fun he tinkers with Virtual Reality, 3D printing, embedded systems, game development and many other things.

You can keep up with Max on Github, Twitter and Reddit