Assets are placed within <a-assets>, which is placed within <a-scene>. Assets include:

As you can see, you can use regular <audio>, <img> and <video> elements as assets.

  <!-- an image to be used as a texture -->
  <img id="texture1" src="texture.png" />
  <!-- a sound asset -->
  <audio id="willheim" src="scream.mp3"></audio>
  <!-- a mixin -->
  <a-mixin id="giant" scale="10 10 10"></a-mixin>

The scene loading will be blocked until all of these assets are fetched (or fail to load).

The default timeout for loading an asset is 3 seconds. This can be changed using the timeout attribute on <a-assets>.

To use the assets, you can simply reference them by their unique id’s

  geometry="primitive: box"
  material="src: #texture1"

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