The cursor component lets us interact with entities through clicking and gazing. It uses the raycaster component to:

You can specify if the cursor should be fuse based.

If the cursor is set to be fuse-based, the cursor will trigger a click if the user gazes at one entity for a set amount of time. Imagine a laser strapped to the user’s head, and the laser extends out into the scene. After the timeout, whatever entity the laser intersects first will be clicked.

Fuse-based interactions can feel natural for VR and do not require any additional input devices other than the headset.

You can specify the maxDistance that entities should be clickable in.

You can specify the timeout, to set how long something should be gazed at before a “click” is emitted.

You can use the fusing and click events to trigger animations to indicate what the cursor is doing.

  cursor="fuse: true; maxDistance: 30; timeout: 500"
  position="0 0 -5"
  geometry="primitive: ring"
  material="color: white; shader: flat">
    from="0.1 0.1 0.1"
    to="1 1 1"></a-animation>
    from="1 1 1"
    to="0.1 0.1 0.1"></a-animation>

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