12: AAAAH! Zombies

Today’s hack was going to be built around the gamepad API – but I utterly failed to get it working nicely with any of my USB or Bluetooth controllers. Not to mention that support seems patchy at best across all platforms/browsers. So I decided to make a little game instead.

Today’s game is quite simple and quite bodged together. I stole the raycaster-based movement from Pete’s day 11 hack to make it possible to move around the “level”.

When you hit “Start” a hoard of zombies start moving towards you. You can move around to avoid them and if you stare at a zombie while touching the screen (or holding the button) you have a (high) chance of killing them.

I’m going to work on this some more for day 13, so keep your eyes peeled for that update!

Cardboctober day 12

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