13: AAAAH! More Zombies

For today’s hack I’m revisiting yesterday’s zombie game again. With a full re-write to un-bodge the implementation.

There are a couple of things I’ve changed in the re-write:

  • Zombies get faster to you the closer you are to them
  • Health/death added!
  • Zombies have full bodies now

And a couple of things that didn’t make it in to the re-write:

  • Can’t kill the zombies with your death stare anymore
  • Game doesn’t restart automatically

This time I’m using a separate 2D layer (some HTML!) outside of the renderer for the red damage overlay and the “You are dead” message.

I think this hack needs a couple more hours of attention before it’s really fun, but it’s getting there.

Cardboctober day 13

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