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I enjoy technology and I love nothing more than receiving new gadgets. If I’m not buying a new toy to play with, I’m reading about the latest thing somewhere.

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The Deepoon DPVR E3 Virtual Reality Headset

Today I’m reviewing the DPVR E3. This is a Virtual Reality headset with a high resolution display, comfortable straps and an experience that’s similar to the Oculus Rift. Read more

The Virtoba S1 Daydream VR Bluetooth Controller

The Virtoba S1 is a Daydream compatible controller from China that costs around £15 ($20). Let me just start with saying I’ve got a lot of cheap Bluetooth controllers – and for the most part they’re crap. I hit the “Buy now” button for the Virtoba S1 half expecting this to be the case, but I was quite happily wrong. Read more

The GPD Pocket Ultra-mobile PC UMPC Laptop

The GPD Pocket is a 7” Ultra-mobile PC that at first glance resembles a shrunken Apple Laptop, but it’s metal unibody exterior is where the similarities end. Read more

The Chuwi Vi10 Plus Windows and Android Tablet

I’ve been on the hunt for a 10” tablet for a couple of months now. Besides Google’s Pixel C, there isn’t much choice in this area (ignoring the iPad). There are a bunch of options for cheap Atom-based Android/Windows tablets on Gearbest/Aliexpress/etc. I decided to buy a Chuwi Vi10 Plus on Gearbest. For less than £120 what could I lose? Read more

The GPD XD Portable Android Games Console

I’m back with another Android console out of China from GPD, the GPD XD. I’ve had the GPD XD for a couple of weeks now, and to be honest I’ve been unable to put it down! In short it’s a great device for portable gaming, and it also handles my media needs with ease. This device was generously provided by Geekbuying, so I’ll provide more information about where to buy the GPD XD from the Geekbuying store at the end of this review. Read more

The Revo K101 Plus Portable Games Console

Today I’m refreshed to be reviewing a console that doesn’t try to cram too much in to the form factor, but instead tried to focus on doing one thing well. Read more

The Tronsmart Mars G01 Game Pad

A different sort of review today, the Mars G01 Game Pad from Tronsmart. Geekbuying provided me with this G01 to review, so first of all a thanks to them for that. I’ll mention where you can purchase the G01 at the end of the review. Read more

The GPD G5A Portable Android Games Console

I’ve got another Android gaming handheld to review, the GPD G5A from GamePad Digital. I’ve had this device for a little while now, and have played with it loads. This device was sent to my directly from GPD back in February, but I’ve been too busy with life to write up a review. Read more

The GPD G7 Portable Android Games Console

Hot on the heels of my last Android device review I’m back with another device: The GPD G7 Quad-core from GamePad Digital. The G7 is very similar to the JXD 7800B, but with a more ergonomic game-controller shape to it. Read more

The JXD 7800B Portable Android Games Console

It has been a while since I’ve had a new portable console to play with (and I’m still waiting for my GCW to arrive!), so let’s ease back in to this stuff with an Android-powered console from JinXang Digital (JXD): The JXD 7800B. Read more

The HP Chromebook 11

I bought a HP Chromebook 11 as soon as I possibly could when it was announced. I’ve had a couple of weeks to play with it now, so here are my thoughts… Read more

So I've got a Raspberry Pi, now what?

I was going to title this post “In which I moan about the Raspberry Pi”, read on to find out why. I’ve had a Model B Raspberry Pi in my possesion for nearly two months now, and beyond playing with pre-built OS images for it, or setting up an AirPlay server, I’ve not really put the Pi to much use. Read more

The Nexus 7 Android Tablet from Google

I’ve been putting this post off, and it has been hard. I usually like to declare my love for a new gadget just moments or hours after unboxing it; I’ve had a lot of tablets over the past couple of years that I’ve done that with, only to later change my mind, so I thought I’d use the Nexus 7 for a little while and then splooge about how much I love it, here on my blog. Read more

The Mele A2000 Android TV Box

I decided to buy an Android-powered set top box because my Apple TV 1 didn’t cut it for playing HD media, and I find it inconvenient to hook my MacBook up to the TV everytime I want to watch some HD media. Read more