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I spent every day of October 2016 creating VR content for Google Cardboard using JavaScript/WebGL/other WebAPIs and blogged about it.


Announcing Cardboctober

01: Basic VR

02: Raycaster based look interaction

03: Even better gazed based look interaction

04: Skyboxes and generating meshes

05: Loading external models

06: VR Pairs Game

07: Cardboard hardware (cardware?)

08: Playing sounds

09: Speech recognition

10: HTML5 Video

11: Webaudio Beat Sequencer

12: AAAAH! Zombies

13: AAAAH! More Zombies

14: Debugging your Cardboard with Chrome

15: The Hierarchy of Needs in Quick Google Cardboard Hacks

16: Getting in and out of Fullscreen

17: Displaying Pertinent Information

18: Moving around in VR

19: Which way is North? Part 1

20: Which way is North? Part 2

21: One size doesn't fit all

22: Putting it all together

23: Planning Tetrominoes in VR

24: Basic Game Board

25: Creating and Moving Pieces

26: Rotating Pieces

27: Moving with gaze

28: Planning Revisited

29: Blocks out of the pram

30: Github Contributions

31: Something in the Shadows